Dredge Hooded Figure Pursuits Guide

Dredge Hooded Figure Pursuits Guide

As you explore Dredge, you’ll come across hooded figures that are looking for you to give them fish. Each one has different fish required, based on the area you’re in, and completing each one will finish one of the game’s pursuits and award you a book to make your journey easier. Our Dredge hooded figures guide will give you their locations, requirements, and what you’ll earn for complete each of their pursuits. While completing each of these isn’t required, it’s definitely worth taking the time – if you want to max out your speed and fishing to 100% the game, their books are very helpful!

There’s a lot to love about Dredge, so make sure you check out our review! If you’re looking for advice on how to get sheet metal, where to get more explosives, or want to see where to start every pursuit in Dredge, we’ve got you covered as well!

Hooded Figure Locations & Requirements

There are four in total, each of which has a timer that starts the first time you talk with them. If you open your map, you’ll find them in the specified square, always along the edge of an island.

Note: If you start one of the below pursuits and wait too long to complete them, the hooded figure will die!

Blue Hooded Figure (“Figure in Blue” Pursuit)

  • Location: M7, middle
  • Requires: (Blue Mackeral, Tiger Mackeral, Snake Mackeral)
  • Gives: Book, Haggling and Bartering: A Guide

Red Hooded Figure (“Figure in Red” Pursuit)

  • Location: L14, Bottom Right
  • Requires: (Cusk Eel, Sailfish (W of great marrow), Frilled Shark)
  • Gives: Book, Nautical Engineering

Yellow Hooded Figure (“Figure in Gold” Pursuit)

  • Location: Bottom of K2
  • Requires: (Red Snapper, Fangtooth, Blue Crab)
  • Gives: Advanced Fishing

Purple Hooded Figure (“Figure in Purple” Pursuit)

  • Location: E9, top
  • Requires: (Tarpon, Horseshoe Crab, Barreleye)
  • Gives: Book, Pushing the Limit: Engines

There’s no achievement tied to completing these, but they’re worth doing if you want an easier time completing the game 100% for achievements, as you’ll need to complete these 4 pursuits to get the Dredge Providence Achievement!

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