Dredge Rock Slabs Guide – Servant of the Shrines

Dredge Rock Slabs Guide - Servant of the Shrines

Dredge is filled with a number of mysteries you’ll solve with either fish or items, and there’s a number of things tucked away in different parts of the map for you to find on your own. One of the many mysteries are the Dredge Rock Slabs, which offer you a few puzzles to complete in exchange for some unique gear.

There’s a lot to love about Dredge, so make sure you check out our review! If you’re looking for help with where to start every pursuit in Dredge, how to get sheet metal, or where to get more explosives, we’ve got you covered as well!

Every Dredge Rock Slab Puzzle Location

There are 5 total Rock Slab locations scattered across the map (primarily at or near each major area) that you can discover. Placing fish in them in the correct way, and with the correct fish will net you some of the best equipment in Dredge. Tip: You can do these at any point of the game, and we highly recommend completing #1 first.

Rock Slab Location #1 – J9

  • Clue: “Curved Fish”
  • Fish Required: 5x Cod
  • Reward: Sinew Spindle (Coastal, Shallow, +6% Fishing Speed)

Rock Slab Location #2 – D13

  • Clue: “Twisted Shape of a Deformed Fish”
  • Fish Required: Entwined Mullet (Can be caught w/ rod nearby)
  • Reward: Tendon Rod (Oceanic, Mangrove, Shallow, +28% speed)

Rock Slab Location #3 – O14

  • Clue: “Two malformed fish, writhing under the sun”
  • Fish Required: 2X Serpentine Mackerel (Can be caught w/ rod or net nearby)
  • Reward: Encrusted Talisman (+330% Fishing Speed) + Fathomless Flame

Solution to the Dredge Rock Slab Puzzle Found In Devil's Spine

Rock Slab Location #4 – P3

  • Clue: “Three Crab-Like Creatures”
  • Fish Required: 2X Rock Crab, 1x Decorator Crab (Can be caught with pots nearby)
  • Reward: “Mouth of the Deep” Crab Pot (Last for 10 days, 3 catches per day, 6×6 Size)

Solution to the 5th Rock Slab Puzzle in Dredge

Rock Slab Location #5 – H2

  • Clue: “four large, powerful fish”
  • Fish Required: Hammerhead Shark (#36), Ghost Shark (#52), Bronze Whaler (#9), Blacktip Reef Shark (#10)
  • Reward: Viscera Crane (Abyssal, Hadal, +55% Fishing Speed)

Once you complete all 5, you’ll unlock the achievement “Servant of the Shrines” in DREDGE, as well as having some pretty solid gear that isn’t too hard to acquire early on!


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