Dredge Stone Tablets Pursuit Guide

Dredge Stone Tablets Pursuit Guide

As you explore the world of Dredge, you’ll find a number of unexplained mysteries that you’ll be able to solve. One of these, the Stone Tablets, is a Dredge Pursuit that requires you to collect 4 stone tablets that lead to a larger mystery and a great reward. If you’re stuck, our Dredge Stone Tablets Guide has you covered.

If you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’ve run into some of the other mysteries in Dredge! We’ve got the list of pursuits, as well as a guide for the Rock Slabs and Hooded Figures that you can use on your journey across the sea. Check out where you can get free sheet metal in the area too!

Dredge Stone Tablet Rentals

There are specifically 3 tablets you’ll need to find in the Devil’s Spine area – you’ll most likely find the first one as you collect the fires for the 3 statues nearby, required to progress the main story. You’re going to need some explosives to easily get them due to the angry fish in the area, which can be warded off with the banish ability.

Here are the 3 Dredge Stone Tablet locations, which are dredging spots that glow gold:

Rental 1

Location on the map of the first stone tablet in dredge

Rental 2

Location on the map of the second stone tablet in dredge

Rental 3

Location on the map of the third and final stone tablet in dredge

What to do with the Dredge Stone Tablets:

After either collecting the first tablet, or all 3 – head back to the Trader in in Little Marrow – he has one in his ship, and he’ll put them together and give you a riddle to solve.

Once he does, you’ll get an item called the Fused Tablet with a riddle: “When the sky mistakes the stars, and the air grows thick with night, The deep will open its scars, Protect us O guiding light.”

This could only mean a lighthouse, but it’s not the one in Greater Marrow. You’ll need to take the tablet to the Ancient Lighthouse at the dot in 015 and place it in the slot. Once that’s done, the door will open and you’ll get 2 rings, 2 goblets, and “Flame of the Sky” a 2-slot light that puts out +3500 Lumens, which makes it the best light in Dredge!


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