Dredge “The Collector” Pursuit and Ending Guide

Dredge "The Collector" Pursuit and Ending Guide

Dredge is a game filled with mystery, and its main pursuit “The Collector” is no different. Through this quest, you’ll visit each of the chain of islands to complete tasks or dredge for treasure, with the goal of giving each of these relics to the Collector. Here’s a short walkthrough of what you’ll do during The Collector Pursuit in Dredge.

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The 5 Dredge Relics

There are 5 relics in Dredge that you’ll collect, and beyond the first one – you can complete them in pretty much any order, although the order below is the one The Collector gives you. With each relic you turn in, you’ll also gain an ability.

  • Ornate Key (The Marrows) – Found in a wreck on the opposite side of the island from Greater Marrow. Turning in gives you the Haste Ability.
  • Music Box (Gale Cliffs) – You’ll get this by dredging in Gale Cliffs, near a dock that has the hermit. You’ll need to complete his pursuit to unlock explosives and break the debris that stands in your way. You’ll get an ability for turning this in.
  • Shimmering Necklace (Twisted Strand) – You’ll get this by completing the “The Bitter End” Pursuit in the northwest corner of the map. You’ll get an ability for turning this in.
  • Jewel Encrusted Band (Stellar Basin) – You’ll get this by dredging in the very middle of the Stellar Basin Island Chain. You’ll want to work through the Researcher’s Pursuit in order to stun the creature in the middle, and unlock the Abyssal Rods. You’ll get an ability for turning this in.
  • Pocket Watch (Devil’s Spine) – You’ll collect this by completing the “Flames of the Deep” in Devil’s Spine, where you’ll have to collect flames from 3 different platforms. Once you return to the man, you’ll get this item, a you’ll get an ability for turning this in.

The 5 Dredge Skills

As you give The Collector each item, it will unlock an ability for you to start using. Here’s the different abilities you’ll obtain by completing the Main Quest of the game.

  1. Haste – When equipped, you’ll move a lot faster, but make sure you don’t burn out and damage your engine!
  2. Manifest – When equipped and used, it takes you right back to the Dock outside of where you talk to The Collector.
  3. Banish – Activating this will ward off evil, allowing you to get rid of the many perils you’ll find during the night and around the map.
  4. Atrophy – Activating this will instantly consume a fishing spot and give you some of the fish inside. Great way to try and catch rare/abomination fish.

< Beyond This is Light Spoilers >

Dredge Alternate Ending

Once you’ve handed in all of the relics, and The Collector requests to go with you – you’ve got two options:

  • Main Ending – Follow along, and when the Collector asks to go with you – say yes and follow his instructions to get this ending and the Unshaken Achievement
  • Alternate Ending – To get the alternate ending, take the book from the Collector when you have the chance, and then go see the Lighthouse Keeper, who will guide you to how to get the alternate ending, and the Sated Achievement.
  • Note: You can reload your game to get both achievements in one playthrough.

With that, you’ve beaten the game and unlocked both endings!


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