Dredge Update Finally Removes Quest Timers & Introduces Map Markers

Dredge Update Finally Removes Quest Timers & Introduces Map Markers

Dredge’s first major post-launch update has been released, bringing with it a plethora of quality-of-life changes and bug fixes. Top of the list of improvements are tweaks to core gameplay features that will make it even more accessible to those wanting to dive deep into the eldritch lore.

The two main points in Dredge Update V1.1 are the addition of map markers, making it possible to put a pin on the map and follow it using the in-game spyglass, and the removal of quest timers. Certain quests linked to obscure NPCs like the Castaway and Hooded Figures will now no longer time out, opening up Dredge’s lore to many more players.

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Dredge Update V1.1 Adds 50 Droppable Map Markers, Introduces New Spawns & Makes Some Quests Easier to Complete

Update V1.1 for Dredge isn’t huge, but it does transform how some fans can now play the game. For example, the addition of map markers that can be tracked with the spyglass makes it possible to show the location of certain puzzles or fishing spots that will be useful further into the story. There’s nothing worse than seeing a fish for a quest while the ship’s cargo is full. Now, players can drop a map marker, up to 50 at any one time, and return to the spot to grab the fish they need or deliver an item to an NPC they’ve met without needing to remember the exact terrain around them.

The official patch notes for Dredge Update V1.1 show how deep the impact of this update is. It goes much further than a mere two improvements to the gameplay. For example, a few fish spawn points have been added to make completing certain quests much easier, and the description of quest items will now update once they’re no longer useful, showing that they’re safe to be sold. One that stands out is that the Traveling Merchant will now sell one Research Part per day, making ship improvements and unlocking new technology much quicker.

The update even goes into rare issues affecting only a few players, such as PC crashes, save file corruption, and items disappearing when upgrading the ship’s hull. Four playtesters weren’t credited in the game until now, and this update adds them in, which is a nice touch and a refreshing thing for a developer to call a ‘fix.’

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