EA Sports FC Players Split After Leaks Claim It Will Be More Expensive Than Any FIFA

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Prices changes galore.

Fresh leaks claiming to reveal the launch costs of every EA Sports FC version have divided fans after they pointed to the first installment in the new EA-developed series being more expensive than any FIFA ever.

For the first time in decades, the new football season won’t bring a new FIFA video game. Instead, we’ll receive the first installment of the EA Sports FC series. Much of the game, like Ultimate Team, Career Mode and official league licenses, will transition over. The exact shape of the title remains to be seen but, with its launch window approaching, leaks have started to find their way out into the public domain.

EA Sports FC Prices Allegedly Leaked

July 6 saw a series of leaks relating to the game’s launch price, which purportedly reveal that it will be more expensive than any FIFA installment. Reputable leaker Donk was among those to share the news, which revealed the following prices for the game:

  • Standard Edition (PC / Old Gen Consoles): €69.99 / $69.99 / £59.99
  • Standard Edition (New Gen Consoles): €79.99 / $79.99 / £69.99
  • Ultimate Edition (PC / Old Gen Consoles): €99.99 / $99.99 / £89.99
  • Ultimate Edition (New Gen Consoles): €109.99 / $109.99 / £99.99

The new generation console versions will each be compatible with older consoles too. That means if you purchase the PS5 version, it should be playable on PS4 as well. The same applies to Xbox consoles.

Typically, FIFA installments come in at around £60 for the base Standard versions. While that’s still true, the Ultimate Edition in particular has seen a £10 / $10 / €10 increase, with the FIFA 23 Ultimate Editions for next generation consoles coming in at €99.99 / $99.99 / £89.99.

There have been rumors of a week’s early access with the Ultimate Edition of EAFC, but we’ve not had that confirmed just yet. It’s also worth taking these prices with a pinch of salt. They’re leaks and not final — and won’t be until EA makes them official.

Regardless, the news appeared to divide fans. Some were unhappy with the price rises, claiming that it’s too expensive, even if it’s a new series.

One said: “$80 for Standard Edition… guess I am skipping this year”. Another echoed, saying: “$110 is a joke for a game that doesn”t last longer than 8 months.”

others pointed out that the game is the first in a new series, which has presumably increased development costs. Some also pointed to currency fluctuations, which have led to EA pushing in-game currency prices up as well.

There’s also the ability to get the game via EA Play Pro, EA’s subscription service. It’s not confirmed right now whether the game will be fully available for free via EA Play Pro.

Naturally, we’ll have everything EAFC covered right here. We’ve already taken a look at ten players set for upgrades, and ten set for downgrades.

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