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Epic Seven upcoming banner |  pocket gamer
Updated on July 1, 2023 – added new banners

It is hard not to mention Epic Seven when talking about gacha games. It’s one of the best representatives in the genre. But what is so special about it? You might say characters and you would be right. Characters play a major role in this game. Do you know when the next guardian banner in the game is coming out? No? Then you should read this Epic Seven upcoming banner guide. Just like a tier list, this will help you to plan your future team builds.


It seems the world is in danger. The armies of evil can hardly be defeated alone. And just when you think it’s all over, the Guardians come to the rescue. Warriors of light, ready to fight side by side with you to banish evil.

There are currently more than 30 guardians in the game. Some of them can be acquired for free by completing Story quests while others can be summoned using special banners, which are divided into categories.


This is a special tab in the game where you can use the “Summon” button to get a guardian. Depending on the game, you spend one currency or another. For example, in Genshin Impact you spend Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates for banners. In Epic Seven, you spend the following currency on different banners: Covenant Bookmarks, Mystic Medals, Galaxy Bookmarks, Friendship Bookmarks or Pet Adoption Tickets.

There can be several pulls, each with a different chance of getting a Guardian. Usually, you can increase the chance to get a high-quality Guardian by spending almost all their resource savings, or you can invest real money in the game.


New updates mean new content and banners as well as new characters. However, it is hard to predict what the developer has in store. We can only guess.

But still, players themselves can sometimes get to the bottom of it and find out which Epic Seven Banner will be next. Some of the rotations have already been confirmed and others are likely to happen. The following list shows the confirmed banners that await us this spring.

Epic Seven July 2023 Banners:

  • 6/29 after the maintenance ~ 7/6 at 02:59 UTC – SENYA BANNER
  • 6/29 after the maintenance ~ 7/6 at 02:59 UTC – HWAYOUNG BANNER


It is up to you whether to pull these characters or not. However, you should not ignore their abilities, which will help you in countless battles against enemies.

This is everything we know about the upcoming Epic Seven banners and their release date. And we will update this guide as soon as we get new information. And while you are here, take a look at our Epic Seven codes list.

Original article by Alina Novichenko, updated by Pocket Gamer staff

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