Eternal Evolution tier list – we picked the best heroes

Eternal Evolution tier list - we picked the best heroes



Bohr the best tank in Eternal Evolution

The characters listed at the top of our Eternal Evolution tier list are the best heroes in the game. They are very strong and have almost no disadvantages. The only task of these characters is to smash and break enemies.

  • Bailey Hudson (Terran, Assassin)
  • Jaina(Terran, Support)
  • Dorally (Terran, Summon)
  • Bohr (Wenfyr, Tank)
  • Crete (Wenfyr, Vanguard)
  • Emma (Terran, Hunter)
  • Hercules (Terran, Tank)
  • Khalazza (Terran, Hunter)
  • Luke (Wenfyr, Energy)
  • Masrani (Atlas, Media)
  • Nadilus (Atlas, Energy)
  • Oak (Atlas, Tank)
  • Ground (Terran, Support)
  • Zander (Atlas, Hunter)
  • Serena (Terran, Support)
  • Ravenna (Terran, Energy)
  • Sorietta (Atlas, Energy)
  • Taylor (Wenfyr, Hunter)
  • Zaida (Atlas, Tank)
  • Leo (Wenfyr, Vanguard)
  • Hagradon
  • Old John (Terran, Hunter)
  • Riserris (Wenfyr, Hunter)


Bohr is one of the best tanks in the game. It can throw enemy heroes and stun them. Bohr is not good at boss hunting but is great in PvP and some story mode chapters. Bohr’s Primal Blood passive skill immediately gains a 15-19% shield of max HP for 6 seconds, making him a bulky contender.


Emma Astral Star can be considered an S-tier hunter hero, whose greatest strength lies in her bow. Destroying enemies with her bow, she delivers big, powerful hits to the target. Her strength is so great that she can easily take down enemies who have a good defense and plenty of hit points. Emma is perfect for teams that are used for farming. She will help you to get through dungeons like Deesa or the Ancient Altar very quickly.


Serena the Battle Angel is an S-tier list support hero. One of her strengths is single-target healing for her teammates. She is a very useful hero who will be able to keep her ally tanks alive without issue. The only small inconvenient thing about this hero is that she does not have enough AoE healing to heal an entire team.



Rendall the Assassin character showcase

The characters in A-tier are also very good, almost as good as the characters on the S-tier list. The reason they did not get into the list above is that the A-tier list characters have minor flaws that prevent them from being even better.

  • Barrog (Wenfyr, Vanguard)
  • Liran (Wenfyr, Support)
  • Nagrama(Atlas, Energy)
  • Frenzy(Terran Energy)
  • Anpu (Atlas, Summon)
  • Muka (Wenfyr, Vanguard)
  • Kain Karak (Terran, Energy)
  • Poluno (Atlas, Energy)
  • Daniel (Terran, Summon)
  • Azena (Terran, Hunter)
  • Moriami (Wenfyr, Hunter)
  • Rakkana (Wenfyr, Assassin)
  • Randall (Terran, Assassin)
  • Botta (Wenfyr, Support)
  • Sorvaley (Wenfyr Summon)
  • Rickert (Atlas, Assassin)
  • Nordthion (Atlas, Energy)
  • Pandemonium (Terran, Tank)
  • Guan Yu (Terran, Vanguard)
  • Nero
  • Nabeela
  • Miranda (Terran, Support)
  • Dominic (Terran, Assassin)
  • Womigon (Atlas, Tank)


Randall is considered an excellent DPS character, smashing everyone and everything in his path. Despite his assassin class, many people make Randall a tank by giving him HP and armour. The reason why you should pay attention to this hero is that he buffs his and his team’s attack.

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A strong character who does good damage to enemies. At the start of the battle, he attacks the opponent’s back lines and lands a few well-aimed strikes, destroying most of the back line. After creating havoc, it’s much easier to get complete control of the battlefield.



Artas character spotlight

The characters in the B tier are average in terms of their power. They are not bad, but they are not exactly top-notch either. These heroes are great as support or as extra force, but not as the main units on the battlefield.

  • Aniruddha (Atlas, Support)
  • Prigor (Wenfyr, Hunter)
  • Artas (Atlas, Vanguard)
  • Skooer&Hatty (Atlas, Summon)
  • Bot Mark II (Terran, Hunter)
  • Hyupnos (Atlas, Support)
  • Shenwei (Wenfyr, Summon)
  • Langel (Wenfyr, Tank)
  • Murphyro (Atlas, Energy)
  • Oisa (Terran, Tank)
  • Na Feng (Wenfyr, Tank)
  • Vegnus (Atlas, Tank)


Artas is a pretty good character, who can kill enemies of average difficulty. It is worth remembering his unique abilities. Artas chooses one enemy within his range and deals damage equal to 640% of his defense, putting the enemy in vengeance state for nine seconds. Enemies in the revenge state will become main targets for Artas and have their damage decreased by 8% and each 5% HP lost will further decrease the damage of the enemy by 1% for up to 15%.


Hyupnos is a good character who will be a great support on the battlefield. His power surge casts an Arcane spill to suppress an enemy. The suppressed enemy cannot use any actions for three seconds making them almost useless. During the process, it will continue to deal significant damage to the enemy, which is convenient.



Omar at the bottom of the tier list in Eternal Evolution

This tier includes characters you should not waste your resources and time on, as they don’t bring much to the battlefield. Instead, they will just take up a slot that a much more useful character could occupy.

  • Kar’Maw (Wenfyr, Energy)
  • Kuite (Atlas, Tank)
  • Omar (Terran, Energy)
  • Orn (Terran, Energy)


He could be described as a pretty good hero that would definitely help you in the early stages of the game. However, he is not likely to help you when you are already in the end game.


This was the complete Eternal Evolution tier list. We hope that we have highlighted a lot of useful information for you and helped you choose a hero you like and will bring you victory. Be sure to visit us again, because the tier list will be updated all the time as soon as new updates and heroes appear in the game. And make sure to give a quick glance at the Eternal Evolution codes.

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