Ever Legion tier list of the best heroes

Ever Legion tier list of the best heroes
Updated on March 15, 2023 – added Aylwyn, original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Artur Novichenko

Today we will cover a complete Ever Legion tier list of all the best heroes in the game, from Mythical to Legendary and even Common tier. We’ve listed the heroes from best to worst, so you can have a better idea of ​​who you should add to your team in order to have the best possible lineup to challenge the enemies.

The heroes come in three different rarities, which also account for the biggest difference in power between them. Of course, there are some heroes which are pretty decent overall at the very start of the game, but eventually, you should be aiming to obtain a bunch of heroes with high potential, and invest all of the resources in them. The rarities are as follows:

  • Mythical Tier
  • Legendary Tier
  • Common Tier

Mythical Tier heroes are the best overall, as they have four skills players can activate and upgrade. The Legendary Tier ones have three, while the Common Tier heroes only have two, which is why you will want to avoid them in the long run.

Other tier lists:

In our Ever Legion tier list, we’ve listed all of the heroes, of all rarities, but it is to be expected that the Common ones will end up in the bottom tier. Some of the Legendaries are pretty good despite only having three skills – so while they won’t make the highest tier, you can still safely use them until you acquire some better ones.

The best heroes in Ever Legion

At the moment, there are many possible choices when it comes to Mythical heroes. However, only a handful of them have risen above the rest, and we’ve added them to the S+ tier. We recommend that you upgrade these if you are lucky and get them early on, otherwise, try to keep summoning until you get them – you won’t be disappointed.

Make sure to use the links below to check out the tier you’re interested in!

S+ Tier | S Tier | A Tier | B Tier | C Tier

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