Eversoul celebrates 100 days since launch with numerous freebies and a brand new soul called Lizelotte

Eversoul celebrates 100 days since launch with numerous freebies and a brand new soul called Lizelotte

Kakao Games have just released the next update for its mobile RPG Eversoul, featuring a new character called Lizelotte. She joins the ever-growing roster of the game bringing with her a ton of summons events, including the very first Demon-type Pick-up one. See what she brings to the table in her dedicated trailer embedded below.

Eversoul’s Lizelotte seems like darkness personified as she’s followed by Black Lilies wherever she goes. She’s quite popular in Eden thanks to her ideals of valuing dignity and charisma above all else. As a fighter, Lizelotte is a Demon-type Soul who has mastery of ranged combat. Her skillset will make her a sure-shot addition to any Savior squad.

Lizelotte’s introduction makes it a good time to host the Everschool event, which will run until April 27th. It features numerous daily login bonuses, rewarding everyone with Everstones and Normal Summon Tickets. More prizes can be won by participating in the event stages and limited-time raids.


These extra quests I speak of will allow players to earn Prize Medals called Everschool’s Victory Rewards. They can be traded in for chances at the draw lots event. It sees players go through various rounds featuring random rewards on offer. Getting the items on display is solely based on luck and who knows, you may obtain the special Winning Prize as well!

Simultaneously, the developers are also celebrating 100 days since Eversoul’s release. The momentous occasion is being commemorated with 10 days of 10 free summons for everyone. It gives players a chance to get their hands on all their favorite Souls by April 16th. Over the next few months, players can also expect more Souls and a bunch of intense battles that will grant themed rewards.

Add Lizelotte to your squad by downloading Eversoul now for free by clicking on either link below.

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