Eversoul releases Grueling Champs Arena PvP mode in a new update

Eversoul releases Grueling Champs Arena PvP mode in a new update

Kakao Games has just launched a brand new update for Eversoul only for the bravest of fighters. A new PvP mode called Champs Arena is being introduced, for players who think they’re the best of the best and are ready for some unforgiving action.

Eversoul’s Champs Arena is available for players who have cleared Battlefront stages 5-1. It features a 15-Soul Grudge match, where only the strongest teams will fight each other. Up to five matches can be accessed daily for free, while anything above that will require Champs Arena Tickets. The challenge counter resets at 00:00 UTC daily.

There are a few things to keep in mind before hopping into a game. Before the match begins, players must choose between low, medium, and high difficulty. This will be followed by creating three squads of five Souls each and then determining the order of battle. All the combat will take place automatically and no ultimate skills will be used.

If enemies are not defeated within the given time limit, the match is lost. This is why it’s crucial to select the right Souls for each round. All the teams will have to be equally strong if players want to stand a chance at winning. Treasure Cards have been introduced to add buffs before starting the fight and may help in ultimately turning the tide of the game.

Rewards are also of three types, with the result dictating points and victory prizes. Daily and weekly leaderboards will also be set up. Currently, double rewards are up for grabs until March 22nd.

In addition to this, Eversoul is hosting the Springing Bloom in Your Hear event until March 29th. It is for players who aren’t ready for the heat of the arena. The task here is to defend yourself against hordes of monsters in exchange for loads of special goodies. Don’t forget to check out the new Guild Raids either.

Embrace the terror of the Champs Arena by downloading Eversoul now for free.

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