Fallen Frontline tier list and a reroll guide

Fallen Frontline tier list and a reroll guide

Questionable naming convention aside, Fallen Frontline is a gacha idle RPG where you play out the accidental messiah trope and assume the identity of the commander-in-chief to lead a rag-tag bunch of Stellaris to fight back against the extraterrestrial Ruin Machinas and humanity’s greatest adversary: ​​the Meteoris. Similar to other games in the genre, it features a wide variety of modes to keep players engaged – from the highly competitive Arena mode to the whopping 60 expedition stages with a story that goes nowhere.

Stellaris are divided into multiple rarities, namely N, followed by two variations of R, SR, SSR and R+, SR+, SSR+, with UR being the ultimate form an SSR+ can get promoted to. The consensus is: SSR+ and SSR characters are the queen bees, with some of the SR+ and SR characters considered worthwhile. There is a milestone to reach (level 50) before you are able to summon your very first SSR. In general, an SSR at its base form can outperform anything of lower tier that is maxed out. However, exceptions can be made for lower rarities that form a good synergy with the top guns.

The Fallen Frontline tier list is structured according to Commander type. As usual, it starts with the S tier comprising of characters that are essential in the team, followed by the A Tier which are formidable enough to contribute significantly, trickling down to the less important B tier, which most certainly will see some use in the early game but ultimately drop off the late game, and C tier that’s pretty self-explanatory.

For setup, the Iron Paladin and Paladin class are the metaphorical walls that will bear the full brunt of the enemy’s onslaught, with the occasional Valkyrie filling the spot, provided they are bulky enough. In the back line, you’ll normally find the frail support and devastator class.

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