Fans are loving the absolutely brutal death scenes in Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo

Fans are loving the absolutely brutal death scenes in Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo

Fans are getting to experience their first taste of the Resident Evil 4 Remake via the Chainsaw Demo that recently launched on all platforms. The demo showcases one of the game’s most famous scenes in which the player must survive for a certain amount of time in a village square while being harassed by Ganado villagers and a certain doctor with a chainsaw. Death scenes in the original game were notoriously brutal, and it looks like Capcom hasn’t shied away from keeping this intact. Fans are discovering a ton of different ways for Leon to meet his demise, and the death scenes are absolutely brutal.

Players have flung themselves at Dr. Salvador hoping to see a chainsaw decapitation like in the original game. However, the chainsaw deaths are changed, yet still extremely disgusting. There are several ways for this sac-headed Ganado to dismember Leon, and players have been digging him even more in the Remake.

This isn’t to say that Leon can’t still find himself without a head. Players have allowed the Ganado to destroy them over and over again, discovering ludicrously gory ways for Leon to die. One fan even discovered that the villagers will decapitate Leon if you don’t break free and die near an enemy wielding an axe.

Ganados that come at you with their heads dangling from their necks will grab Leon and send a tentacle right through his skull. Others will throw him down and bash his head in until it pops. More deaths include pitchforks to the neck, and Leon’s eyes getting popped by Ganado thumbs. It is all extremely graphic, yet fans are impressed that Capcom hasn’t toned it down.

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Leon can also dish the damage right back. Ganados can be dismembered, stabilized from stealth, and exploded in a shower of gore via grenades. Don’t worry if this is all too much for you, however. Capcom has included a way to lessen the gore in the settings. All of this proves that the developers have taken care to give all fans exactly the experience that they can handle come March 24.

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