FGO: What are Servant Coins used for?

FGO: What are Servant Coins used for?

A new type of moolah that makes Queen Sheba go ka-chink.

The drive to progress is undoubtedly fundamental to the survival of any live-service mobile game for optimal player retention. To invent new ways for restless veterans seeking to augment their servants and elevate their favorites in a better spotlight, the Servant Coin System adds this layer of micromanagement and was first introduced during the Las Vegas summer event. For clarity’s sake, we made it our mission to explore the intricacies and essentials of this system.

Rest assured fellow Masters, this coin system is a mere simple naming convention, unlike the NFT thing-a-ma-jig spearheaded by games such as Brown Dust or Exos Heroes. In a nutshell, Servant Coin is a form of currency that sees use in and both can be accessed via the Enhancement menu.

  • Further Palingenesis
  • Unlocking append skills

Level up beyond the horizon

Now you can break past the initial boundary of level 100 to 120 regardless of rarity. For every stretch of two levels, the materials needed include 30 serving coins, coupled with a single Holy Grail. Tallying up to a total of 300 coins, ten grails, a metric ton of QP and tears of sweat and immense willpower to plow through the grinding process. In return, you get an additional few points for your servant’s stats and the bittersweet sense of vainglory for displaying your maxed-out servant like a trophy on the support list.

Append skills and their many shapes and forms

Each servant comes with a variation of three different skills. Think of these as additional passive skills as they are already active at the start of the battle by default. Each of them will require 120 coins to unlock. Rejoice as upgrading the skills individually to their maximum level of ten will only need common items, such as skill gems. Here’s a rundown on their types in no particular order:

  • mana loading: Servants with this skill will start the battle with a 10% NP charge (max out at 20%). Giving priority to leveling up this skill is a no-brainer as it is a cornerstone and opens up many strategies for team building, especially when you have yet to acquire NP battery Craft Essences such as the famed Kaleidoscope.
  • Extra Attack Finesse Improvement: Servants with this skill will see a slight increase in their Extra Attack that triggers when matching three face cards of the same servant.
  • Anti-class Damage Ability: Relatively straightforward effect, normal face card attacks will see a slightly upped damage when used against certain classes. It also varies and each servant will have a different affinity.
  • Anti-class Critical Attack Chance Resistance: Ditto, except your servant, will have a lesser chance to be hit by a critical attack by a specific class. Useful for enemies with a penchant for critical shenanigans.

Play hard to get

Its scarcity scales with rarity and the ways to acquire them are limited. So, rationing your quartz resources is the best practice here, unless you scored a continuous winning streak on the game’s gacha.

Do check out our tier list for reference to see which servants deserve priority.

With reference to the infographic above, starting with the sole renewable method, the constant income is through the gacha.

  • 5 stars – Be it limited or permanent servant. Acquiring them will always yield 90 coins. Fair game considering how much of a nutcracker the game’s gacha can be.
  • 4 stars – Getting a copy of limited and story-locked servants will award 50 coins, whereas non-limited ones will only net 30.
  • 3 stars – The discrepancy also applies here, story-locked servants, such as the likes of Caster Cu-Chulainn and Antonio Salieri will grant 30 coins, whereas each copy for the rest of the fodder will get 15 coins.
  • 2 stars and 1 star – Only six coins and three coins will be awarded, respectively. Ironically, due to their ease of acquisition from the friendship gacha, before you realize it, you’ll be flooded with their coins.
  • Easter egg tier – Specifically for the character Angra Mainyu, getting a copy of him will automatically net 50.
  • Welfare – Non-conventional method and getting a copy of them will give nought else. Usually, their coins can be purchased separately from the event shop.

Moreover, the only non-replenishable one-time method to obtain the coins.

  • Bond farming – Denoted by the rainbow hexagonal jewels at the bottom of your servant mugshot, caps at level ten with an additional five unlockable using Chaldean Visionary Flames. The range between level 1 to 6 will yield a meager amount of 5 per level. going from level 7 to 9 will provide 10 per level. From level 10 to 15, 20 corners will be awarded per level
  • event shop – Adhering to what’s mentioned prior, on some occasions, a line-up of a random set of servants will have their coins up for grabs. One thing for certain, the flavor of the event: welfare servant is always available.

That’s all you need to know about the servant coins! We have covered the game with other helpful articles and guides, so you can check out the upcoming banners in FGO and of course, the FGO tier list, where you can find all of the characters ranked.

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