FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Devs Respond To ‘Hidden Injuries’ Issues

FIFA 23 image showing player jumping over tackle


The devs have responded after ‘hidden injuries’ became the talk of the community.

FIFA 23’s developers have responded to an issue that led members of the community to believe there were ‘hidden injuries’ secretly hampering the performance of certain Ultimate Team cards and players.

On April 18, FIFA 23 players were left confused when images surfaced from the Companion App showing that certain players had injuries that were not displayed on console or PC versions of Ultimate Team. When players logged in to their FUT accounts to try and rectify the injuries by applying a Healing Modifier card, they found themselves unable to.

As a result, players began to speculate whether these injuries were real and affecting the performance of the players who were listed as suffering from them.

However, on April 20 and after two days of the community vocalizing their queries, EA have responded and explained that it is a “visual issue only”. It has been added to the FIFA 23 Trello page, where bugs and issues the devs are tracking, investigating and have implemented fixes for are monitored.

They tweeted: “Some Player Items can display an incorrect injury status when viewed in the Companion and Web apps. This is a visually issue only and has been added to the EASF Tracker.”

They did not offer a timescale on the fix but, presuming it is only a visual error occurring on the Companion App, we can expect to see a timely fix and a complete eradication of the problems.

The Trello card reads: “Some Players Items can display an incorrect injury status in their bio. This is a visual issue only.”

FIFA 23 Trello Card screengrab
Image Credit: EA Sports/Trello via Twinfinite

It ends the discussion surrounding the hidden injuries issues, specifically whether players’ performances in-game were actually affected. It will allow players to purely focus on building the best teams possible ahead of Team of the Season, which promises to be the biggest and best promo of the year.

We expect the full promo kick off with the Community Team of the Season, whilst the voting for the Premier League TOTS is also open.

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