Final Fantasy 16 Includes an Iconic Final Fantasy 4 Easter Egg

Final Fantasy 16 Includes an Iconic Final Fantasy 4 Easter Egg


You Spoony Bard!

The Spoony Bard insult has made its melodic return in Final Fantasy 16, transcending one of the most iconic lines in the series into a new character.

Longtime fans and even those outside of the Final Fantasy community will remember the silly callout from Final Fantasy 4, as the Great Sage Tellah teases Edward Chris von Muir. As a result, the Easter Egg has been referenced in multiple titles, from the name of a thief in FFXI to a quest in FFXIV.

If you are unfamiliar with the Easter Egg, the origins of the Spoony Bard began when Tellah was on a mission to find his daughter Anna, who had eloped with a trickster bard. Unfortunately for her, she was disappointed by the musician and would later be injured by his attacks. But, out of the insults the loving father could’ve gone with, Tellah decides to fight back with the most brutal castigation as he shouts, “You Spoony Bard!”

Although the situation was dire, many fans couldn’t help but laugh at the whimsical line, so much so that they even made memes out of it. Conversely, others have tried deciphering the SNES game’s translation, causing some to believe it wasn’t an insult.

Whatever the case may be, it still holds up as an iconic Easter Egg of the franchise, continuing the tradition of the Spoony Bard.

In our review of Final Fantasy 16, we awarded the game a 5/5, citing the game’s “complete commitment to redefine what it means to be a Final Fantasy game,” as its most fascinating element. Its stellar presentation, incredible soundtrack and customizable combat stood out as strong points, though the RPG elements can feel a little thin at times, and the side quests can be simplistic in their gameplay.

Final Fantasy 16 is out now on PS5.

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