Final Fantasy 16 Players Torn Over “Bleak” World & “Underwhelming” Experience

Final Fantasy 16 Players Torn Over "Bleak" World & "Underwhelming" Experience

Final Fantasy 16 has recently been released, and players are finally getting their hands on this new take on the classic series, featuring action-based combat and plenty of new and different mechanics to the series. However, for some fans, this new entry isn’t quite living up to expectations.

Final Fantasy fans have begun to express their feelings about the game, and while some are finding it a great experience, others are finding Final Fantasy 16 to be a rather underwhelming entry to the storied franchise.

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The Newest Entry to the Series Has Fans Split on Their Feelings Towards the Game

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A Reddit user named u/Blaubeerchen27 started the discussion with a rather lengthy post about their experience with the game thus far. For them, it’s been a relatively “bleak and empty” experience so far, with one of their bigger issues being the lack of exploration, which they described as “somewhere between non-existent and pointless.” They go on to talk about how finding crafting materials, a handful of Gil, and a few potions in the rather linear experience isn’t exciting at all. They also made points about the story, lack of dynamic party or banter, and felt overall that they haven’t been enjoying this entry to the series.

It turns out there were some fans who felt the same. Many other fans shared similar sentiments about their experiences, with some suggesting to “ignore the sidequests, do main story,” and focus more on the story and boss battles, which seem to be a highlight for most players. Others have felt the same sense of disappointment, with one stating they took time off work to enjoy what they hoped would be an “absolutely unputdownable joyride” and are instead on their phone. Some even went as far as to say the game feels “wildly inconsistent.”

That said, some have found the experience enjoyable and shared their feeling about the game in a respectful back and forth between users. Some had been hooked from the beginning or have enjoyed the more action-based combat, but one thing that seems clear is that this entry to the Final Fantasy series is more divisive than we’ve seen in a while.

As for reviews, they have generally been positive, but some of the points raised by the community are the same ones reviewers have shared, though maybe not quite as adamantly. As players progress and get into the game, we will likely see this discussion grow and change, but regardless of whether you like the game or not, players are free to enjoy or not enjoy Final Fantasy to their heart’s content.

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