Final Fantasy 16’s Dynamic Combat System Makes Grinding Feel Much Easier & Entertaining

Final Fantasy 16’s Dynamic Combat System Makes Grinding Feel Much Easier & Entertaining


Respect the grind.

Whether we like it or not, grinding has always been a part of video games, especially in the Final Fantasy franchise. But, in hindsight, it can gradually become tedious the more you repeatedly hack and slash the same annoying enemies. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Final Fantasy 16, as it implements an entertaining combat system that will make the grind all the more worth it.

Unlike the series’ roots in traditional turn-based action, FF16 features a dynamic set of combo moves beyond simple button mashing. One of the first moves you can learn is a Lunge attack, causing Clive to swiftly move toward an enemy to unleash a brutal strike without the hassle of walking there yourself. Then, it gets taken up a notch when you initiate a jumping attack, where you can perform several aerial attacks using the Eikon powers.

Once you mix them all together, you’ll undoubtedly have some fun getting various combinations. Even someone like me, who doesn’t particularly like grinding, would actively seek out enemies just so I experience the amusement all over again. It’s also intriguing to see how many points you can rack up with a single attack set, making you want to achieve a higher number than the last time.

Other players have expressed their enjoyment of the combos as well in online forums, including Reddit user -Megaflare-‘s showdown with multiple charged shots, LB Combos, and Magic Bursts.

The teamwork also increases the thrill further, as Torgal and the rest of the crew can assist you in these combo attacks.

Not to mention that the powers of the Eikons are so fun to play, in which each technique offers a variety of playstyles. Anytime you feel like you are getting bored of a particular movement, you can switch over to another one to produce a completely different offensive strategy. While the initial Phoenix abilities allow you to zip around the field through the Thrust technique, Garuda brings out a deadly grappling claw that makes you feel like Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.

But, if combos and Eikons weren’t enough, Final Fantasy 16’s gameplay enters the next level when you control the wild beasts. I mean, who doesn’t want an all-out monster brawl with an epic soundtrack to go along with it? The cinematic evasions and attacks are also satisfying to perform, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get in those lovely photos of the game’s stunning graphics.

Due to the high entertainment value of the combat, I often didn’t realize how much grinding I had done and would rarely have to worry about not reaching the required rank for a specific quest or boss. Additionally, the gameplay makes these formidable opponents a lot less daunting than my past experiences and more of a fun challenge to complete.

So, if you are a player who doesn’t enjoy the grinding side of games, now would be an excellent time to try out the dynamic moves in Final Fantasy 16. Who knows, maybe you could be the next combo master of the series.

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