Final Fantasy XIV’s new high chair furnishing leaves Lalafell players steaming

Final Fantasy XIV's new high chair furnishing leaves Lalafell players steaming

Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of races with varying heights, the smallest of which is the child-sized Lalafells. Some in the community have taken it upon themselves to label Lalafells as a joke race, and it looks like Square Enix might be trying to get it on the jest. Patch 6.35 introduces a few new furnishings as decor for housing enthusiasts. The Lalafell Lifter chair, however, is not amusing the game’s Lalafell player base, as it bears a striking resemblance to a toddler’s high chair.

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Decorating a house in Final Fantasy XIV is a chore, but when your character can’t reach any of the tabletops, it becomes even harder to create the perfect dwelling. Lalafell fans have been begging Square Enix to introduce more furnishings in their size, but this is not exactly what they had in mind.

To be fair, the furnishing doesn’t have a tray table, but that doesn’t change the fact that it looks to be straight out of a toddler’s play area. Lalafell fans have voiced their displeasure on Twitter, and have even started a thread in the official FFXIV forums to demand the removal of the Lalafell Lifter. Players stress that items like this will only add to the stigma against their chosen race and that the introduction of this item is quite tone-deaf by the developers.

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Not all players are frustrated by the booster seat, however, as many have found the humor in the situation and wish for the chair to stay. Lalafell bullying seems to only be a major issue on western servers, as the Japanese community embraces them with open arms. Most Final Fantasy XIV players know that causing a Lalafell to steam is only going to create a problem. They are way more intense than their height portrays.

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