#FixDehya Trends as Genshin Impact Fans Discover More Bugs in Her Set

#FixDehya Trends as Genshin Impact Fans Discover More Bugs in Her Set
Image: HoYoverse

Even taking into account the negative reception her set received during the beta for Genshin Impact’s version 3.5 — given her already known low multipliers and overall set — it is safe to say no one in HoYoverse could have predicted the reception Dehya would receive after her debut.

And now, a few days after her official debut, the community seems to have had enough regarding the state of the character, as the #FixDehya movement took over Twitter.

The hashtag started to trend as players realized a new downside to her kit. To put it simply, Dehya’s Burst state will end prematurely after crashing with any kind of obstacle in the field. As pointed out by the Save Your Primos team, this is only the newest in the wide list of problems currently present in her kit.

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Among the wide array of reworks players hope HoYoverse will apply on the new Pyro 5-star there’s the decrease in the interval between her Indomitable Flame attacks, the empowering of her mitigation trait, a change that will allow her Blazing Lioness state hits to proc the conjunct attacks of some of the game’s best sub-DPS (Xingqiu and Yelan), as well as the already known demand for an increase in her multipliers.

Although many players are skeptical about the probability of any kind of changes being made on Dehya, many take strength in the fact that the player reception was actually the biggest reason behind the rework of Zhongli, who can now be considered as the best Geo unit in the game.

Many others, on the other hand, are pointing out that Dehya is only the latest example of dark-skinned characters who receive subpar or badly balanced kits given the game’s current meta, like Xinyan, and Candace.

– This article was updated on March 7th, 2023

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