Formify reveal personalized gaming mouse molded for individual hands

Formify Gaming Mouse Announcement Thumbnail

Formify Gaming Mouse Announcement Thumbnail

Gaming mice, and mice in general, have followed the same principles for decades. Though there have been attempts to make an ergonomic design in a means to find the best comfort for users.

Formify have entered this space, aiming to bring custom mice to the gaming market with custom mice using 3D printing technology to mold each mouse to fit a user hands.

According to Formify, all they need is a photo of your hand in order to create a mouse that fits your hand perfectly.

While ergonomics is at the top of their list, the company also aims this mouse primarily for gamers. The Formify mouse will come with high end parts such as a Pixart PMW3395 sensor capable of 26,000 DPI and an average weight of 55 grams.

Here’s the product rundown:

Introducing Formify, the revolutionary startup company that’s changing the way gamers approach their gaming mice. With their innovative technology, Formify creates custom gaming mice that are designed to fit your hand perfectly, giving you the most ergonomic grip possible and enhancing your gaming performance.

Using just a photo of your hand, Formify’s advanced software creates a custom 3D model of your grip, which is then used to craft a mouse that’s tailored specifically to your unique needs. With a Formify mouse, you’ll experience unparalleled comfort and control, allowing you to play for longer periods of time without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue.

But Formify isn’t just about comfort – they also focus on delivering the best gaming performance possible. Their mice are designed with precision sensors and cutting-edge technology, giving you lightning-fast response times and accuracy that’s unmatched by any other mouse on the market.

Formify’s dedication to delivering the perfect custom PC mouse is evident in their meticulous design process. Over the course of three years, they have created over 100 prototypes to fine-tune the design parameters and shape of their custom mice. This rigorous testing and development process ensures that every Formify mouse is optimized for maximum comfort and performance.

So whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just looking for a mouse that’s tailored to your needs, Formify is the perfect solution. With their commitment to ergonomic design and gaming performance, you can trust that you’ll be getting the best possible mouse for your needs.

The Kickstarter is set to launch on March 21st for the Formify mouse.

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