Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2’s Week 3 quests are nowhere to be seen

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2's Week 3 quests are nowhere to be seen

Players have been logging into Fortnite today, eager to start the Week 3 quests for Chapter 4 Season 2. However, following the daily reset, no quests have appeared, and now players are wondering why. It seems as though Epic Games may have delayed them without telling anyone or simply forgotten due to the launch of Unreal Engine Fortnite.

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With every Season, Fortnite gets a new set of quests on a weekly basis. As mentioned above, that hasn’t happened this week, but things are actually a little more interesting. Not only are there reports that the quests aren’t in-game yet, but prominent Fortnite accounts on Twitter say they aren’t even in the game files yet.

This could be why the quests haven’t triggered today despite there being a news banner for them in-game. Some fans suggest an update will come later in the week with these quests, and that they’ve been delayed due to the launch of Fortnite Creative 2.0 (Unreal Engine Fortnite). The software was released last week and had some major bugs and glitches that developer Epic Games needs to address.

Another reason the Week 3 challenges may not have arrived is a delay caused by the rumored upcoming Easter Event 2023. Prominent Fortnite leaker Shiina posted on Twitter yesterday that today’s update would contain files for the event. It’s possible that the scale of such an in-game activity has delayed the release of any new content on Fortnite’s normal schedule.

We’ve checked in Fortnite and can’t find any trace of the Week 3 challenges. The only ones available are from Weeks 0 to 2. While it’s not a huge problem, it does upset the routine Fortnite players have become used to. Epic Games has yet to address the issue, though it will likely release a statement toward the end of the day explaining what has happened. The impact of quests missing for a few days may seem small, but for players who have purchased the Battle Pass, this is valuable time they could be used to contribute progress toward new skins and cosmetics that will now be lost.

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