Fortnite MEGA Trailer Teases Bikes, Bunnies and a Big City

Fortnite MEGA trailer screengrab with logo


MEGA by name, MEGA by nature.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has received its first teaser trailer ahead of release, with Epic Games giving hints at the environment, skins and vehicles that are set to come in the MEGA season.

The developers have already dropped cryptic teasers in the form of reptile images and cel-shaded characters, but March 9 has given fans of the building battle royale their first proper look at exactly what the new Season will bring.

The vivid purple environment from past teasers remains, cloaking a giant and neon charged city in an almost-cyberpunk veneer. There’s also a glimpse at a new motorbike vehicle, bunny-inspired skins and some more sinister looking reptilians, guaranteeing that Fortnite’s aesthetic variety is only going to be broadened in the upcoming season.

If past teasers doubled down on the MEGA moniker, the teaser quadruples down on it, promising players a monumental new season of content, chaos and carnage.

Naturally, there’s a lot about the upcoming season that we still don’t know but, with a March 10 release date confirmed by Epic Games, players won’t have to wait much longer to find out all of the MEGA season’s secrets.

While pre-loading is typically not a thing for Fortnite seasons, players should be able to begin their download when the downtime begins. We expect that at 2am EST / 7am GMT on Friday, March 10.

As ever, we’ll have all the latest from Fortnite’s new season covered here at Twinfinite.

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