Fortnite’s Getting a Vinyl, But It’s Missing the Best Track

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While Fortnite has made plenty of merchandise deals, this new one is more specific to music fans. Epic Games is teaming up with Iam8bit to produce a Best of the Lobby vinyl. It will feature 18 Fortnite lobby tracks that players have been rocking out to while waiting for matchmaking to start. However, we noticed it doesn’t include the lobby tack ever made: Llama Beat (also called Llama Bell).

For those who may be unaware of this tune, YouTuber VazzyCow created a great music video so everyone can know exactly what they are missing out on.

The vinyl record is themed after Fortnite GOAT character/skin Peely, as he graces the sleeve. To top it all off, the record is also bright yellow in his honor. It is $31.99 and will be available for pre-order starting Thursday, July 20before a shipping window for Q4 2023 (from September to December).

The listing includes mention that it comes with a “code for bonus virtual Item,” but doesn’t give any further detail. It is unclear how limited this run will be, so if you are interested, be sure to show up when pre-orders go live.

For anyone interested, this is the track listing:

  • A Side
    • Frosty Serenade
    • Windmill Floss
    • Eerie
    • Switch Up
    • Overdrive
    • Wild
    • Disco
    • Funky
    • running man
    • Mecha Power (Instrumental)
  • B Side
    • Solid Groove
    • Billy Bounce
    • War’s Horizon
    • mighty
    • Festive
    • Mecha Power
    • afterburner
    • Default Vibe

The listing clearly states these are “the Fortnite community’s favorite lobby tracks and tunes,” so if you haven’t heard of them, it sounds like you have some homework to do.

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