Forza Motorsport Looks Like a Playable Car Commercial

Forza Motorsport Looks Like a Playable Car Commercial
Picture: Xbox Game Studios

The Forza games are a place for millions of car enthusiasts to enjoy racing others in realistic locales. While focus on these titles has mainly been centered around Horizon, fans of the Motorsport entries won’t have to wait much longer to enjoy their own brand of driving. The eighth Forza Motorsport has been given a release date, and it looks to be one of the most immersive titles in the entire franchise.

As a Motorsport game, this title promises to be focused around racing in specified circuits more than exploring large open areas. Players can upgrade and customize their cars with focus around specific tracks, letting them change their stats without much headache. Once they’ve gotten everything as they like, racers can jump into a track and enjoy the new title’s stunning graphics.

Forza Motorsport was built for incredible looks on the Xbox Series consoles, and its official trailer showcases that very well. Realistic lighting powered by ray-tracing and high-quality textures can let players feel as though they’re truly inside the game. If it’s anything like its recent Horizon predecessors, Motorsport will provide an incredible serving of great graphics while keeping high framerates across even its most intense races.

Forza Motorsport is one of many Xbox titles to come to Game Pass on the day of its release. According to its trailer, the game will also include a “premium” bundle, likely including DLC ​​that would normally be available as a separate purchase. The content of this bundle has yet to be shared, though it will likely include plenty of extra cars just like what other Forza DLC packs offered. If prior announcements are to be believed, though, fans of the base game will still have hundreds of vehicles to customize and enjoy as they race their rivals in the new Forza Motorsport.

– This article was updated on June 11th, 2023

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