Garena’s Free Fire Max may be shutting down for good

Garena's Free Fire Max may be shutting down for good

Garena’s Free Fire Max has been a popular battle royale, especially for players looking to use all of their smartphone’s capabilities. It looked and felt much better than the base game, and even won the User’s Choice Award at Google Play’s Best of 2021. But, it looks like it story is about to end, at least in Latin America.

Free Fire Max players in Brazil were greeted with an unwelcomed announcement in their in-game mailboxes. The announcement was made in Portuguese and has been embedded below, but here’s a translated version in English:

“Have you downloaded the original Free Fire? To improve the experience for everyone who plays Free Fire, we will be focusing our resources on the original game. Therefore, effective March 21st, 2023, we will stop providing maintenance and updates for the Max version. Ensure that the account is linked to a social network to access it in the original Free Fire”

It seems like the developers couldn’t handle the strain of managing two versions of the game simultaneously, resulting in one getting focused. With all their eggs in one basket now, hopefully, the base variant will offer a lot more to players. It is scheduled for an update on March 22nd, a day after Max’s servers close.

However, what is unclear is if the servers are only shutting down in Brazil or worldwide. As of now, the Brazilian server is the only one that has received this message. It could as well be just them if the Max version isn’t as popular in that region. Fans are obviously in a bit of a fix right now, since there’s been no communication from Garena either.

Hopefully, they release an update regarding this new development soon. Those who will be losing access to the game soon, please make sure a social network is linked to your account to ensure that the data can be transferred to the base version.

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