Genshin Impact: Best Kirara team comps

kirara genshin impact team comps best build

Genshin Impact has a huge collection of 4-star characters that are accessible to players of all spending levels, and unlike some other gacha games, these lower-tier characters are often some of the strongest in the game. Kirara is a Dendro 4-star character who provides some excellent defensive utility as a dedicated Dendro shielder. Her shields can protect your allies in the most dangerous fights, and she synergizes exceptionally well with other Dendro and Electro units. Here’s our guide on some of the best team comps for Kirara in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Kirara best team comps

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Kirara is a Dendro sword character whose main purpose on teams is a defensive unit. As a shielder, Kirara keeps your team alive by preventing damage for your team with her strong shields. Kirara is a Dendro character, which means she synergizes exceptionally well with other Electro units and Dendro units, due to their strong elemental reactions with each other. Kirara can take the place of other defensive Dendro characters such as Yaoyao, or fill in for Baizhu if you don’t have him on your account. Here are some of the best team comps for Kirara in Genshin Impact:

  • Kirara / Tighnari / Fischl / Nahida or Kazuha: This team focuses on enabling Tighnari as your main DPS character. Tighnari and Nahida both provide some exceptional Dendro damage, with Nahida amplifying the damage from the Quicken reactions that are caused by Fischl. Fischl provides the Electro application your team needs to create these reactions and do some strong damage. Kirara fits well here as a Dendro unit as she can benefit from the Dendro energy from Tighnari and Nahida, providing some of her own as well. She replaces Zhongli as the defensive unit here. Alternatively, you can use Kazuha in place of Nahida if you wish to amplify Fischl’s damage instead.
  • Nilou / Xingqiu or Yelan / Kirara / Nahida: Nilou is a strong Hydro unit that synergizes exceptionally well with Dendro units, as she has a special mechanic that turns Bloom cores into Bountiful Bloom cores. These Bloom cores work effectively the same but deal increased damage. These blooms can also hurt you as well, so Kirara is a great unit to slot in here to protect yourself as you proc numerous Bountiful Bloom cores.
  • Nahida / Kirara / Fischl / Yae Miko: Kirara is not a strong unit to put on Hyperbloom teams, but she is still good on these Quicken / Aggravate teams. Kirara can synergize well with Fischl and Yae Miko, both of who provide some exceptional off-field Electro DMG. Nahida fulfills a similar role, amplifying the damage of their reactions while also dealing some strong Dendro damage herself.

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