Genshin Impact brings back the Windblume Festival in version 3.5 update

Genshin Impact brings back the Windblume Festival in version 3.5 update

Genshin Impact’s version 3.5 – Windblume’s Breath has finally launched, bringing back the titular event to Mondstadt. Beginning today, March 3rd, players above AR 18 will be able to participate in the much-awaited Windblume Festival. There are three different gameplay missions to look out for this time.

Ballads of Breeze

The first quest is a song challenge, during which players will choose between one of three instruments and tap the notes at the precise moment to create a rhythm and score points. Travelers are also free to choose their own songs or better yet, compose their very own. The Song Exchange has been set up so that players can share their artwork and listen to others as well.

Floral Pursuit

This mode draws inspiration from Pacman. Players will be tasked with collecting Bloom Balloons to increase their score, while they are completing other challenges. Ersatz Balloons will be moving around the floor and must be avoided at all costs. Being hit by them will throw players back to the starting point with the loss one a Pursuit Point. If all Pursuit Points are lost, the challenge is over.

Breezy Snapshots

Fasbeen the Adventurer is looking to make a photo book and players are supposed to help create it. Travelers will move across all of Mondstadt, taking pictures based on the notes that have been provided. Event-exclusive furnishings will also be on display, and their blueprints can be redeemed from the Event Shop.

Loads of rewards can be earned by clearing these challenges. Goodies include Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, Talent Level Up Materials, and the limited-edition Mailed Flower Claymore. Keep your eyes out for Collei, Tighnari, and Cyno too, as a mystery is brewing while the rest of Mondstadt celebrates the spring season.

The Windblume Festival will remain live until March 20th. Download Genshin Impact now for free.

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