Genshin Impact is getting a new playable catgirl, Kirara

kirara genshin impact

Genshin Impact has a clear affinity for cats, with playable characters like Diona, a literal cat bar, and an April Fools prank themed to the lovable animal. Next on HoYoverse’s cat itinerary is Kirara, a Dendro character who, as you guessed, is a catgirl. Kirara will make the eighth Dendro character in the game, following Version 3.6 of Genshin Impact which will debut two new playable characters Dendro, Kaveh and Baizhu.

Not much else is known about Kirara, although early leaks indicate that Kirara will be a 4-star character. According to the official tweet by HoYoverse, Kirara seems to have some connection with Gorou, another Geo 4-star character hailing from Inazuma. This would make Kirara the first Dendro character from Inazuma, giving the region a bit of element diversity. Her official description reads: “She’s an adorable little nekomata. Just whisper ‘your gonna be late’ in her ear while she’s asleep, and she’ll spring right up and start dashing faster than General Gorou does on the battlefield.”

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Kirara from Genshin Impact release date

Kirara was revealed on Genshin Impact‘s official Twitter account in their monthly “drip marketing” campaign, which reveals any new playable characters that will release in subsequent versions. Following this pattern, Kirara will most likely debut in Genshin Impact Version 3.7, which should launch sometime in late May. It’s currently unknown when during Version 3.7 Kirara will release, as she could debut in the first or latter half of the update.

Regardless, Kirara will bring another dose of feline energy to the game, and you can hoard up some Primogems for when she drops in Version 3.7. If you’re more of a dog person, then you can spend your Primogems in the upcoming version instead for the 5-star Dendro character Baizhu, and the 4-star Dendro character Kaveh. Version 3.6 of Genshin Impact will release on April 12.

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