Genshin Impact leak teases Varka’s appearance & compares him to Zoroark

Genshin Impact leak teases Varka's appearance & compares him to Zoroark

Genshin Impact’s ultimate father figure might be making an appearance soon, to the delight of hungry Mondstadt fans everywhere. Varka, the Grand Master and Knight of Boreas of the Knights of Favonius, is an esteemed and powerful man with legendary status. For those excited to pull this mighty warrior, you’re in luck. Recent leaks indicate that Varka is coming sooner than you think, and are teasing aspects of his design without revealing it completely.

This leak comes from a prominent leaker in the Genshin Impact community named Tao, who gave us some of the first details about Varka and his design. First off, Tao states that Varka “doesn’t look like a grandpa,” which flies in the face of a few fan theories that portray him as older than the usual Genshin Impact character. Tao goes on to state that Varka “doesn’t have a beard,” again, contradicting some theories that portray Varka as a more rugged character. Other leaks have even stated Varka looks like “Zoroark” from Pokemon.

What little we know of Varka so far comes from different voice lines found in the game, which paint Varka as a friendly, cheerful, and respectable human being. Tartaglia calls him the “titan of the Knights of Favonius,” indicating him as a strong fighter. Additionally, Eula has stated that she feels he often holds back in their sparring sessions. Varka, in particular, seems to have a strong fatherly bond with Razor, who taught the wolf-boy how to fight and even gave him his name.

The leaks have not revealed any specific information about his release date, but most leaks seem to indicate Varka will release alongside Fontaine, or that we may even see him as early as Version 3.8. Fontaine will be the next region of Genshin Impact, directly following Sumeru, and will feature the Hydro Archon.

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