Genshin Impact: Mona best weapons guide

Genshin Impact: Mona best weapons guide

Mona is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact and is one of the original 5-stars added to the game. Mona has been here from the start, and since the game progressed, has been able to keep up with the best of the best this late into the game’s lifespan. As more and more weapons are added to the game, Mona has gained some power. You’ll need to pair Mona with the best weapons possible in order to increase her efficacy. Follow this Genshin Impact best weapons guide to help your Mona deal as much damage as possible.

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Genshin Impact- Mona best weapons guide

Mona Genshin Impact Best Weapons Guide

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Skyward Atlus – The Skyward Atlus is Mona’s best 5-star weapon for a nuker build. The Skyward Atlus is a classic 5-star weapon, proving the “old reliables” really do hold up. This weapon has a monstrous base ATK stat of 674. On top of that, the weapon provides an additional 33.1% ATK boost. Not only is this a high boost in offense already, but the Skyward Atlus also boosts her Elemental DMG by 12% at first refinement. If you have the Skyward Atlus, consider pairing it with Mona.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayer – This is Mona’s best weapon if you use her as a Freeze support character. One of Mona’s strongest roles is to extend the duration of the Freeze reaction, paired with characters like Ganyu, Venti, and Diona. The Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayer leans into this support role, as it provides a free ATK buff when you swap to your DPS character, whether that be Ganyu or Kamisato Ayaka. Don’t sleep on this weapon just because it’s a 3-star weapon. It’s one of the best support options in the game.

The Widsith – The Widsith is Mona’s best 4-star option as a nuker, with a high 510 base ATK and boost in Crit DMG. Additionally, the Widsith can provide an additional buff that helps her offensive capabilities: a huge 60% buff to ATK, an Elemental DMG increase of 48%, or an Elemental Mastery boost of 240. The Widsith is one of the strongest 4-star weapons in the game, and it pairs nicely with Mona.

Favonius Codex – If you are running Mona as a Freeze support, but do not have enough Energy Recharge to consistently use her Elemental Burst each rotation, then equip the Favonius Codex. This provides a high boost in Energy Recharge and will help ensure Mona can keep the enemies stuck in place.

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