Genshin Impact players hate the new Spiral Abyss boss, the Setekh Wenut

Genshin Impact players hate the new Spiral Abyss boss, the Setekh Wenut

Genshin Impact doesn’t have much in the way of endgame content where players can test out their new teams and character builds in a difficult environment. For this, players turn to the Spiral Abyss, a special domain that rotates different bosses, enemies, and challenges players to clear in a certain amount of time.

In the Spiral Abyss, players traverse through numerous floors, made up of six different “chambers.” Each chamber presents a group of enemies to defeat, and a challenge to beat while defeating these enemies. Typically, this challenge is a speedrun challenge, tasking players to defeat all of the enemies in a certain amount of time. This means when HoYoverse decides to place certain bosses in the Spiral Abyss, players don’t have an amazing time.

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In Version 3.5 of the Spiral Abyss, players were met with one of the most immensely frustrating challenges of the game so far. The Setekh Wenut is a world boss that players have called “unbearable” and “lousy boss design.” In summary, the Setekh Wenut has an attack pattern that consists of burrowing underground, before resurfacing for some very brief periods. These fleeting moments are the only time you get to attack the Setekh Wenut.

The major issue with this boss in the Spiral Abyss is how each trial is a time-based challenge. To perfect your run and get all of the rewards, you have to clear each floor in about three minutes. But the Setekh Wenut is a problem since it is untargetable for the majority of the fight, leaving you with a difficult and frustrating experience. This issue is exacerbated as the Spiral Abyss version of the boss has two million HP and 55% resistance, which is much higher than the World Boss version.

Players have not responded kindly to this boss, with numerous posts and tweets from players and content creators criticalizing this boss and the Spiral Abyss cycle. Many are also pointing out HoYoverse’s tendency to create bosses that rely heavily on invulnerability, rather than other mechanics.

It’s not clear if HoYoverse will change things with this boss going forward, but it is certain that players are going to remain unhappy until they do so.

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