Ghost Pilots, the classic top-down shoot-em-up, launches onto mobile courtesy of the ACA NeoGeo Library

Ghost Pilots, the classic top-down shoot-em-up, launches onto mobile courtesy of the ACA NeoGeo Library

In the latest entry into the ever growing ACA NeoGeo Library courtesy of SNK and Hamster, the classic top-down shoot-em-up Ghost Pilots is now playable on mobile devices. Debuting all the way back in 1991, this World War II-themed arcade game takes you to the skies to blast away enemies in your biplane, picking up powerups and extra lives while you shoot for the top score.

If you’ve played a shoot-em-up before, you’ll know what Ghost Pilots is all about. Given the age, this one doesn’t innovate in any crazy ways, but instead focuses on delivering the classic experience that the top-down shooter genre is known for.

And if you aren’t familiar, these types of games are focused on two things: moving and shooting. Waves of enemies will constantly spawn in every level from the top of the screen, and it’s your job to destroy all of them as they do so. They’ll be blasting projectiles at you, and you’ll have to navigate your plane between them to not get blasted away, as you’ll die in one shot regardless of the circumstances.

But it’s not quite that simple, as the mixups come from the fact that you can pick up a variety of different power-ups, which will then change the way your ship shoots. Rather than shooting in a straight line, one power-up might allow you to shoot a shotgun barrage of bullets, or a laser that pierces enemies one after another – that sort of thing.

With the ACA NeoGeo edition, you’ll now have access to a variety of modern-day features like save states, gamepad support, higher graphical fidelity and frame rate, and other additions that make the experience that much smoother.

So, if you’re looking to get your hands on that classic arcade shoot-em-up experience, you should absolutely give Ghost Pilots a go by purchasing it for only $3.99 at either of the links below!

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