God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus Launches in a Surprise Release, Available Now

God of War Ragnarok's New Game Plus Launches in a Surprise Release, Available Now

God of War Ragnarok took the world by storm, charging into the final months of 2022, and handily closed out the year in breathtaking fashion with its heart-filled story, brutal combat, and rewarding exploration.

Fans have been patiently waiting to return to Ragnarok with the promise of a New Game Plus mode similar to 2018’s God of War game. In a sudden surprise, PlayStation has announced that the New Game Plus mode for God of War Ragnarok is available right now, available to everyone.

Ragnarok’s New Game Plus adds a new level cap, armor, and more dangerous enemies

Anyone who plays through the God of War Ragnarok primary campaign and complete it on any difficulty can begin playing through the New Game Plus. When a New Game Plus entry is started, players’ armor, weapons, and skills will carry over to the start of the game, giving Kratos tools and abilities much earlier than he would attain in a fresh playthrough.

Players can expect to track down new armor types while exploring the New Game Plus mode. These include the Armor of the Black Bear, Spartan Armor, Ares Armor, Zeus Armor, and a new shield called the Spartan Aspis. These can be unlocked by completing specific gameplay aspects in New Game Plus mode.

All existing armor sets you bring to a New Game Plus journey can become even more powerful than the previous iterations when you upgrade them to their enhanced versions. These more powerful sets come with multiple benefits. Players will need them to handle the far more terrifying foes awaiting them on this upcoming journey, returning to the Nine Realms.

Players can add enhancements known as Burdens if they want even more challenges in Ragnarok. These will negatively affect Kratos when he performs a specific action, such as the Burden of Evasion, where Kratos receives a Frost status effect whenever he rolls. These enhancements won’t be for everyone, but they’re available for those who want to weave them into their gameplay.

On top of all this, the endgame bosses have new movesets, the Niflheim arena can have Kratos team up with new companions he may not have met on his journey, and a Black and White render mode for anyone who wants to experience Ragnarok through a new lens.

The New Game Plus mode is a great way to experience God of War Ragnarok for anyone who wanted a reason to hop back in after finishing it the first time. Fans of the series were delighted about the announcement of having the chance for Ragnarok to get a New Game Plus, and it looks like their patience has paid off.

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