Goddess of Victory: NIKKE tier list and a reroll guide

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE tier list and a reroll guide

Rerolling in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is quite fun, but also a unique process. Players have found some rather interesting rerolling techniques which we’ve tried and tested (aside from the obvious data deletion and app clearing), so if you want to learn how to reroll in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, then keep on reading!

Reroll method #1

In order to reroll with this method you will need to log in using a Google email / Gmail account. All you need to do is start by using one email (to which you have access) and start playing as you normally would. After pulling for the units, if you don’t get what you want, you can log out of this email and move on to the next (which is actually the same but with your twist).

The method is called “salted emails” and all you need to do is add a “+something” between your email name and the @gmail.com portion of the address (for instance, instead of using [email protected]you would use [email protected]).

The email MUST contain the “+” (plus) symbol and the “something” part can be anything, from numbers to letters. We prefer using the [email protected] and until we found the units we wanted, we kept writing down the email used (if you reroll for a while, it’s easier to keep track of the emails this way).

Reroll method #2

Log into the game on a Guest account, and play through the tutorial, until you reach the summoning part. Do the summon, and if you’re not happy, then close the game and open the File Manager (or “Files” folder) on your device. Head over to the android folder and then locate the “com.proximabeta.nikke” folder.

Rename the folder to something else, such as “com.proximabeta.nikke1” and then go the app’s information and clear the storage (found in the Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> NIKKE -> Storage -> Clear Storage).

Open the folder from the File Manager again, and rename it back to how it was (so if you named it “com.proximabeta.nikke1”, you will name it back to “com.proximabeta.nikke”). Launch the game and start all over again!

Who to reroll for in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

You can check the top tiers in the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE tier list above, or you can aim for one of the following:

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