GrandChase launches new SR Hero Decanee alongside numerous events

GrandChase launches new SR Hero Decanee alongside numerous events

KOG Games has just launched a brand new character in the popular mobile RPG, GrandChase. After running a pre-registration event for two weeks, SR Hero, Decanee, who is regarded as the Harbinger of Doom is finally here. She brings with her a bunch of progression events.

Decanee is a ranger heroine that decimates her opposition using the Evil Eye which has been strengthened by the powers of the void. She is capable of summoning ferocious beasts that will protect her and increase her power against enemies. She’s rightfully regarded as the Harbinger of Doom.

It sounds like it would be tough to get such a powerful hero. But that is not the case as players can obtain Decanee just by logging into GrandChase. The five-star SR Hero will simply be in the System Mail tab of their mailboxes. Another login reward includes Decanee’s soulbound pet Malefi and her exclusive weapon, the Evil Eye.

Those that pre-registered for her arrival will gain additional benefits such as a Limited Effect Profile Border and Decanee Avatar Select Ticket that can be traded for a Fluffy, Checkmate, or Toy Keyrin Avatars.


To celebrate her introduction to the game, a number of events are also going live. By adding Decanee to adventure dungeons, players can earn rewards like extra EXP, Gold, Evolution Cubes, and Equipment Crafting Materials. Other missions will also provide Chaser Crystals, Awakening Cubes, Soul Essences, and Soul Imprint Cubes.

To help with progression for new and returning players, the Grand Express Event comes back. It grants everyone all the necessary ingredients required to grow – Chaser Cubes, Chaser Crystals, Soul Essences, and Soul Imprint Cubes. The event will allow heroes to go up to Chaser Rank 20 and Soul Imprint Rank 10.

Add Decanee to your squad now by downloading GrandChase for free using your preferred link below.

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