Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare announces that it will soon shut down as it slows content production

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare brings explosive mecha action to Android and iOS

The character-building action RPG Gundam Breaker Mobile, otherwise known as Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare, announced that they are planning on slowing down the production of content for the game before the scheduled ending of service on June 4th of this year. This plan covers every game version from the global client to the Asian and Japanese versions and will see the end of this fanservice-filled Gundam love letter.

I’ve written several mobile game shutdown articles lately, and while they are always a bummer, it’s nice to see one that survived quite sometime before it closed its doors. Still, this being one of the very few officially licensed Gundam games available for us English players, it’s tough to watch Gundam Breaker Mobile leave us.

The game was built around the same structure as the console series it’s based on, Gundam Breaker, which was built to celebrate all things Gundam. The series allowed you to build your own custom Gundam mish-mashed from parts of other Mobile Suits that each had different effects and play styles.

Gameplay-wise, the Gundam Breaker series is heavily action-oriented and resembles something like the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Frantic, over-the-top third-person action consisted of mowing down hordes of other mecha and collecting their parts to create your own.

Gundam Breaker Mobile actually went further with this concept, introducing numerous game modes and even a pretty in-depth story. The series as a whole is certainly not as serious as the anime and manga series it’s based on, but it was meant to allow any Gundam fan to enjoy a fanservice-filled romp using bits of the series as a backdrop.

So, while it’s unfortunate to see Gundam Breaker Mobile leave us, there are still a few months left to enjoy the game’s content. If you’d like to do so, you can download it for free at either of the links below this article!

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