Here are some of the multiplayer, MMO, and MMORPG demos of February 2023’s Steam Next Fest

Here are some of the multiplayer, MMO, and MMORPG demos of February 2023's Steam Next Fest

The Steam Next Fest is underway, making it a fine time to perhaps try something a little new or unexpected. If you’re looking to navigate the bustling digital bazaar of the platform for something different in your MMORPG and multiplayer gaming diet, then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve rooted around the Next Fest to point out some notable new arrivals .

  • Deceive Inc.a self-described multiplayer game of deception where players take on the role of secret agents all vying to complete the same objective, is part of the event as it heads to a cross-platform open beta on March 10th and a full release March 21st .
  • Train-based survival box Voidtrain has a demo available. The game itself is planning a release sometime this year.
  • The new PC and mobile addition to the Uncharted Waters franchise, Uncharted Waters Originis available for a peek before it launches globally.
  • If you want a hybrid land and sea multiplayer survival game where you can unleash a ship in a bottle and craft, explore, and fight to your heart’s content, then Pirates of Pangea might just tickle your specific need.
  • sandbox fantasy mmorpg Grace Onlinewhich promises a hands-off world to explore, is using the Next Fest as a reason to launch an open alpha, while its listed release date is March 6th.
  • Looking for something a bit silly and chaotic? Then Peck ‘Em – Bird Brawlers should be suitable, with 3-D arena brawling featuring over-the-top moves and some properly goofy-looking birds.
  • We’ve all seen space-based team vs. team shooters before, goal Boundary hopes to add a little wrinkle to the formula by way of adding zero gravity movement into the mix.
  • Lastly, we have Dark and Darkerwhich promises to bring hardcore PvPvE dungeon crawling adventure to players, all from a first-person viewpoint.

Got any other sweet finds in the Next Fest? Then feel free to share them with us in the comments! Happy free gaming, everyone!

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