Hitman Developer Take a Stab At the Fantasy RPG Genre — Is It a Move in the Right Direction?

Official art for Project Fantasy.
Picture: IO Interactive

IO Interactive always has incredible experiences to hand with games such as Hitman 3 up their sleeve. No matter what way you slice it, they have a track record that is sure to impress anyone who lays their eyes upon it. The Hitman Developer now has a fantasy RPG game in the works that they have announced recently; it makes us wonder if it is a bold move in the right direction — or not.

Bold New Moves from IO Interactive For a Fantasy RPG

When the news broke about IO Interactive forging a new path with an online fantasy RPG it came as a shock to many. Filled with excitement many took to their favorite social media to inform others of the announcement which was made. This is a type of game that we haven’t seen from the studio before although the developer is no stranger to taking chances on new IPs.

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Another game created by IO Interactive was Freedom Fighters — a third-person shooter that gained high ratings throughout the community in 2003. In later years, you could also find the lovable experience named Mini Ninjas which held a place in some people’s hearts for years to like. The point is that IO interactive is not afraid to take chances and they reap the reward of that.

It is clear to see that the developers working on the new Fantasy RPG have both enthusiasm and passion for what they are working on. A title that seems from words alone like it will be nostalgic for those who live their lives through the lens of a fairytale book or any dazzling fantasy-adventure movie.

Other Studios Should Follow in IO Interactive’s Footsteps for New IP

The industry is filled with games such as Call of Duty that could be said to be reskins year after year in terms of actual content. It is so important that studios let their creativity shine through the cracks of their past when thinking of new titles to release. Safe cashflow will always likely continue by releasing some of the biggest blockbuster series games but for once — it is time to take a risk.

IO Interactive has proved that it is possible and if their Project Fantasy title makes the cut in that list then it will solidify the idea. New IPs can be a company’s chance at making their stance in the history books for various influential games and not just first-person shooter 3.0 or otherwise. More details about Project Fantasy will no doubt be on the way in the future and we look forward to hearing them.

– This article was updated on February 28th, 2023

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