Hogwarts Legacy PS4 & Xbox One Versions Delayed Have Been Delayed, Again

Hogwarts Legacy Cutscene



Although the PS4 and Xbox One versions were initially supposed to launch in April for Hogwarts Legacy, the game’s official Twitter account has stated that the developers will need to delay it for another month. The reason for this pushback is the fact that the team needs more time to adjust its performance with these systems, especially since there have been a few issues with PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

According to the Twitter post, players can expect its PS4 and Xbox One releases on May 5, 2023, as long as there aren’t any other problems. However, some fans on the forums wonder if Avalanche Software should even put out these renditions, given that it’s already late in the game. Others believe these systems won’t be able to handle Hogwarts Legacy’s high-performance rate, so they should nip it in the bud to focus on future updates or DLCs.

Those who did pick up the game suggest the developers should fix the bugs and errors currently causing problems for players instead of working on the last generations. For example, many have noted glitches with the Field Guide Pages and side quests, preventing them from completing the entire storyline for trophies and achievements.

Fortunately, WB Games has consistently been replying to the fans and offering temporary solutions while they fix the multiple issues. It also isn’t explicitly stated if the Nintendo Switch version will be delayed as well, but there haven’t been any reports on this front.

For now, we can hope that there aren’t any future setbacks for PS4 and Xbox One users, as well as any fixes for current players that could make the experience more magical.

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