Hogwarts Legacy’s Companion System Might’ve Been Supposed to Be More In-Depth Than We Thought

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An adventure is always better with friends.

Players usually spend most of their time adventuring alone in Hogwarts Legacy, with the exception of a handful of missions where they will be accompanied by a character related to the story. However, one Reddit user discovered a voice line from Imelda Reyes during the ‘Beeting’ a Curse side mission, implying that the game could’ve had a more in-depth companion system.

Reddit user Noxx-OW used the Companions Mod to unlock the ability to bring allies on the adventure with them. Besides allowing other characters to fight alongside you in battle, the mod also lets your chosen companion enter the Room of Requirements and even participate in Battle Arenas.

Noxx-OW had just entered the Dale family tomb when Imelda suddenly comments that she’s happy their feet have not been cursed into beets like Samantha’s brother. Originally, the playable character is supposed to talk when exploring the dungeon, but Imelda’s voice line seems to have overridden the protagonist’s dialogue.

Reddit user LebaneseChewbacca says they also use a similar mod, but instead of Imelda, they took Sebastian Sallow to the tomb. Surprisingly, the Slytherin student also speaks the same line as Imelda.

Another player, TheGrizzlyBen, comments that Ignatia Wildsmith, Floo Powder’s inventor, may speak up whenever you teleport with a companion. Her dialogue goes something like, “I must say, traveling with company is much better!”

These voice lines are clearly the leftovers of a scrapped companion system that the developer might have planned to be part of Hogwarts Legacy. It is unknown why they have decided not to implement it, but I can certainly say that I’m disappointed. It would have been nice to explore the Highlands with a companion who would pipe up sarcastic or funny lines about the shenanigans I got myself into.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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