Homerun Clash releases major content update featuring new single player Adventure Mode

Homerun Clash releases major content update featuring new single player Adventure Mode

Haegin has just launched a brand new update for the competitive sports mobile game, Homerun Clash. While this title was succeeded by Super Baseball League, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about it. The game has been around for over three years and this major patch is set to revamp gameplay with the introduction of the much-awaited single-player game mode.

Up until now, Homerun Clash was dominated by real-time PvP multiplayer matches with others. The new Adventure Mode has been launched to give players a break from all the competitive action and enjoy a slightly more laidback single-player mode. It’s not like completing solo challenges will be a breeze, though. With over 100 rounds to take part in, even the veterans are going to get a run for their money.

In addition to a new mode, Homerun Clash is being refreshed with a number of UI improvements as well. A new Arcade Mode banner has been created to house the Challenge, Battle Royal, Tournament, and World Series. Furthermore, descriptions of the Unique Skills of Legendary Batters can be found in the Manage Card section.

That’s not all. The final upgrade aims to enhance user convenience, especially for newer players. The improved tutorial does a much better job of showing the ropes with more tasks and times to sharpen all skills. Plus, everyone can now make use of the stadium info preview feature as well.

Speaking about the new update, a spokesperson at Haegin said: “While Homerun Clash does have a huge volume of multiplayer content as the title suggests, it’s also true that there’s been a lack of content for some who prefer to take things easy and enjoy at their own pace.” and that “It’s why we’ ve prepared the new Adventure Mode as part of this major update, and we hope users enjoy it as we plan to add more single-player content in the future.”

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