Honkai Star Rail: Best Luocha team comps

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Honkai: Star Rail features a massive roster of 5-star characters. In Version 1.1, Honkai: Star Rail introduced us to the regal and coffin-bearing healer, Luocha. This character mysteriously wanders around the Xianzhou Luofu ship with a coffin in one hand. Yet despite this deathly disposition, Luocha brings life to the team with great heals. This character is an Abundance Imaginary character and provides amazing healing, status ailment cleanses, and enemy buff removal. With this synergy, Luocha has made a name for himself as one of the best healers in the game. But what are the best team comps for Luocha in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail: Luocha best team comps

Luocha Team Comps

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Luocha is an Imaginary Abundance character, and as such, should act as the main defensive unit in a team. As a healer, Luocha is fairly flexible and can fit in most teams without any issues. However, it’s important to note how Luocha’s healing works. When Luocha gains two stacks of his unique talent, he will summon a healing field that will heal your allies whenever they attack. This means Luocha works on faster teams, as more attacks mean more heals.

  • Asta is a good Harmony character to use alongside Luocha due to her ability to buff teammates’ SPD, making them act more often. World can also be a handy unit due to Imaginary-element synergy as well as his ability to slow and delay enemy turns, giving your team more uptime with Luocha’s healing field.
  • Units that require lots of SPD and uptime, such as Dan Heng or Jing Yuan, will find themselves taking advantage of Luocha’s healing field often. Meanwhile, units like Arlan who do not do this, might be better off using your second healer, whether that be Natasha or Bailu.
  • Luocha is slated to synergize well with Blade. Blade is a character who frequently attacks while draining his own HP, meaning Luocha will help Blade stay alive. Blade deals more damage the more HP he loses, making Luocha an essential part of his kit.

With these tips in mind, here are some example teams:

  • Blade / Luocha / Bronya / Silver Wolf
  • Jing Yuan / Luocha / Tingyun / Silver Wolf
  • Dan Heng / Welt / Luocha / Silver Wolf

Honkai: Star Rail is available now.

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