Honkai Star Rail: Best Team Comps

Honkai Star Rail March 7 Closeup
Honkai Star Rail March 7 Closeup

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Part of the fun in Honkai Star Rail is finding a team that can tear through enemy opposition. It’s less fun if you mix and match but don’t find a team composition that is able to advance past the various bosses and mobs, however. Here is our guide on the best team comps in Honkai Star Rail.

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Best team comps in Honkai Star Rail

You’ll encounter a lot of different situations as you advance through Honkai Star Rail, which will require teams of various types. The game allows you to save six custom team formations at once, so that you can switch quickly when needed. Use those slots to set up a team for the various situations you are most likely to encounter.

The teams you build build first will depend on how lucky you are when it comes to draws. Below are recommendations for two of the very best team comps in Honkai Star Railfollowed by general advice on forming additional teams.

Honkai Star Rail Best Team Comp Free To Play

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Best team comp for free-to-play

Even if you plan to play without spending money, you have good options available. Your best free-to-play team comp consists of Serval, Dan Heng, Asta, and March 7th. Start building each of these characters very early in the game. You’ll cover four paths: Erudition, The Hunt, Harmony, and Preservation. The comp also allows you to hit enemies of four element types: Lightning, Wind, Fire, and Ice. Harmony provides support, while March 7th constructs a powerful shield to protect a character enemies may have decided as a group to target. This is especially helpful early in the game.

Best team comp with premium characters

If you are paying to play with multiple 5-star characters, or you just got astonishingly lucky, you have superior options. Your team comp should consist of Seele, Bronya, Bailu, and Asta. The best build for Seele lets her deal significant damage to enemy mobs and also hits bosses hard. The other characters complement that beautifully. Bronya and Asta offer support to maximize damage inflicted, while Bailu keeps the entire team’s health where it needs to be. This team comp generates extra chances to attack throughout combat, as well. The net effect is devastating to even the most powerful foes.

General team comp advice

Whatever team comp you settle on, try to include a character for each of the following four roles:

DPS – You want someone capable of hitting individual units (such as bosses) for high damage.

AoE – Keep someone around who inflicts area damage. That way, you can more quickly get to work on enemy tanks without distractions. It’s also useful for grinding.

Healer or Tank – A healer ensures you’re ready for extended fights and farming sessions. A tank character can safely absorb numerous enemy attacks and is a reasonable second option.

Support – This character ensures your DPS and AoE characters hit harder so the battle doesn’t last as long.

If your team comp accounts for multiple paths and elements while seeing to the four above roles, you should be good to go.

Honkai Star Rail is available through its official website.

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