Honkai Star Rail: Best Tingyun team comps

Honkai Star Rail Best Build For Tingyun

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Honkai: Star Rail has a huge roster of 4-star characters that can round out your team alongside your stronger 5-star characters. While these characters might not be as strong as their 5-star variants, that doesn’t mean some 4-star characters can’t match them with the right investment. Tingyun is a fierce and youthful Foxian, embedded with an air of elegance that not many others Honkai characters have. Tingyun brings her regal energy to the fight, renowned in the community as one of the best buffers in the game. Here’s our guide on the best team comps for Tingyun in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: Tingyun best team comps

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Tingyun is a Lightning Harmony character. Harmony characters are one of the support classes in the game, with a general focus on buffing your allies. Tingyun’s buffs are powerful, with the ability to boost a character’s ATK, flat damage, and funnel some energy to help a character use their ultimate more often. We’ll pair Tingyun with some of the best hyper carries in the game who can best take advantage of this Foxian’s great buffs. Here are some of the best team comps for Tingyun in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Jing Yuan: Jing Yuan is a 5-star Lightning Eruditon character who deals some insane AoE damage, while also maintaining some strong single-target damage as well. Tingyun is a great partner for Jing Yuan as she is able to buff both Jing Yuan’s attacks and his Lightning Lord ally. Additionally, Tingyun can refill Jing Yuan’s energy, which allows him to use his Ultimate, which allows him to gain more stacks for his Lightning Lord.
  • Seele: Seele is one of the strongest hyper carries in the game, and Tingyun is commonly paired with another Harmony character (such as Bronya or Asta) to elevate Seele’s damage even higher. As a benefit, Seele is very skill point hungry, and running more utility characters gives Seele the freedom to frequently use her skill.
  • Bailu or Natasha: Running a healer is generally important for Tingyun. This character is rather squishy, ​​so making sure that she can stay alive is essential so your DPS unit can take advantage of her buffs. In a pinch, you can also use March 7th or Gepard have a defensive option.
Tingyun Team Comps Honkai Star Rail

Screenshot by PC Invasion

With these tips in mind, consider these team comps:

  • Jing Yuan / Bailu or Natasha / Tingyun / Asta
  • Seele / Bronya / Tingyun / Bailu or Natasha
  • Dan Heng / Welt / Tingyun / Bailu or Natasha

Honkai: Star Rail is available now.

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