Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC – All Brimshine Locations

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC – All Brimshine Locations

Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC adds a new region for players to explore. With a new area comes new endgame gear and challenges. However, to access much of this content, you’ll need to scavenge for a new resource called Brimshine. This guide explains what Brimshine is, how to get it, and every location where you can find it in the Burning Shores.

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All Brimshine locations in the Burning Shores DLC

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In this section, we’ve outlined every location where you can get Brimshine. This resource isn’t marked on the map like Greenshine is in Horizon Forbidden West, making it harder to track down. Use the descriptions and map references below to boost your Brimshine collection quickly.

Brimshine Locations in Southwest Island

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The island in the bottom left-hand side of the Burning Shores map, which doesn’t have a name, holds two Brimshine Slivers for you to harvest. See the above image for a map reference for this island. You’ll visit this location as part of “The Splinter Within“side quest. This is the second island you’ll likely visit, where you must kill three Waterwings. You can find one Brimshine Sliver inside a small outcrop in one of the rocks on the shoreline on the island’s northern beach. The second Brimshine Silver is on the eastern shore, up against another rock just below a ruined building.

We will add more Brimshine locations as information becomes available.

What is Brimshine used for in Burning Shores DLC?

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Brimshine is a new resource used for buying and upgrading the best gear in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. You probably first heard of it when speaking to the vendors at Fleet’s End. The legendary weapons and outfits there require large amounts of Brimshine to be exchanged if you want them. You’ll also use Brimshine to upgrade some of the gear from Burning Shores DLC, meaning it’s incredibly important if you’re crafting specific builds around concentration, stealth, or ranged combat.

Aloy comments that Brimshine smells like eggs when you first find it, leading us to believe Brimshine is sulfur. This mineral is spewed out by volcanoes, which is where it’s harvested in the real world, so it makes sense that it appears in the most volcanically active area in the Horizon franchise.

How to get Brimshine in Burning Shores DLC

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To get Brimshine, you need to visit any of the locations listed in this guide and interact with the glowing yellow crystals called Brimshine Slivers. You’ll get a prompt to loot the Brimshine from them when you do. Each Brimshine Sliver gives you 1 Brimshine, a Brimshine Fragment gives you 2 Brimshine, and a Brimshiine Chunk gives you 3 Brimshine. You’ll need to make the most of every location you explore to augmented a lot of Brimshine and get some new outfits Burning Shores DLC adds, such as the Quen Commander, Quen Marine, and Nora Lookout armors.

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