How Emblem Veronica’s Summon Hero works in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Veronica Sumon Hero

Emblem Veronica released as DLC for Fire Emblem Engage, and has been a unique addition. Not only is she the only member from the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroesbut she also brings some of that game’s mechanics into Fire Emblem Engage. Like every other Emblem in the game, she has a unique ‘Attack’ that only units paired with her can use, but hers is radically different to that of others. Emblem Veronica’s Engage attack allows the user to essentially gacha pull for a unit to summon onto the battlefield, including Emblems. It can be a bit confusing, so if you’re not sure how Veronica’s Summon Hero works in Fire Emblem Engagethis is the guide for you.

Fire Emblem Engage- How to use Emblem Veronica’s Summon Hero ability

Emblem Veronica’s Summon Hero is a complicated piece of Fire Emblem Engage. Firstly, it seems to summon random units depending on whichever option you pick. The next thing you should know is that it also has different Type Bonuses for different unit types. The first of these is for Dragon units, which have a higher chance to summon better units. The second one is for Cavalry units, who grant an additional +1 Mov to the summoned unit. The final Type Bonus is the one for Backup units, who grant the Dual Strike skill to the summoned unit.

Summon Hero unit star ratings

If you’re wondering what each star unit is, then let’s answer that next. Three-star units are basic Fabrications, four-star units are Fabrications with an Advanced class, and five-star units are copies of Emblems.

Summon Hero Emblem weapon differences in Fire Emblem Engage

Something to note with the Emblems you can summon is that they can be summoned with weapons not present in their Engage arsenal, which reference other appearances. For example, you can summon Lucina with a spear. Lucina cannot use a lance in Fire Emblem Engagebut can use them as part of her advanced class in Awakeningand as a Brave Alt in heroes. There are more examples too, such as Hector being summonable with a spear. These were the two we were able to find in testing, but there are probably more out there. So be aware that this can happen if you want a specific Emblem.

Fire Emblem Engage Summon Hero Veronica

Screenshot by PC Invasion

DLC Emblems

Another thing to note while summoning Emblems using Veronica’s Summon Hero in Fire Emblem Engage is that you can actually summon secondary DLC Emblems. This means you can summon Emblems such as Dimitri, Claude, and Robin. As of right now, it’s unclear whether you can summon Ephraim with this method. But from testing, we seemed unable to do so, and doing cursory research doesn’t give us much hope either. One last thing on this topic is that you can actually summon Veronica herself, as well as other DLC Emblems to the field.

How the Summon Hero units work in combat

The final note on how Emblem Veronica’s Summon Hero works is how the summons act in battle. The summoned units last as long as the unit who summons them is still Engaged. In other words, when you finish the three or four turns that you’re Engaged, the summoned units will disappear. They also don’t gain exp for the unit or the summoner, meaning these units steal experience from you. This is probably as a way to balance gaining extra units.

Fire Emblem Engage is available on the Nintendo Store.

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