How old is Lily in Street Fighter 6?

Lily Street fighter 6 old

street fighter 6 is the revamp that everyone was asking for in combo fighters. It has been released to high critical acclaim and a level of accessibility that will only broaden the genre’s reach. Along with new fighting styles, control setups, and tools, street fighter 6 also introduces six new characters. One of them, Lily, has raised the question of just how old she is in street fighter 6. She’s definitely the youngest on the starting roster, but how young is that?

How old is Lily in street fighter 6?

With some detailed research and guessing, Lily seems to be between 15 and 20 years old. This makes her the youngest fighter in street fighter 6, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t pack a punch. Small and mighty is the name of the game with this dual-wielding tornado.

lily how old street fighter 6

Image by PC Invasion

Lily’s twin clubs make her a formidable opponent, giving her the power of nature and a deceptive reach. Despite being only about 5 feet 3 inches, she can get some serious blows in from quite a distance. Her connection to nature, granted by her connection to the Thunderfoot Tribe, means she can communicate with the elements and bend them to her will. This can be seen in her movesets. Raging Typhoon is a devastating level three Super Art that throws the opponent into the air before slamming them to the ground.

Although the age of Lily in street fighter 6 is unclear, and her character seems to be rather young, she may be older than she looks. Her fighting style is wise than her years, and so is her backstory. She has ventured out on her own with the guidance of the spirits of nature to explore the globe. As she travels, she hopes to meet many other warriors like her and become a fighter of legend. This isn’t a quest a child would really begin on, leading me to think Lily is about 15 to 20 years old in street fighter 6.

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