How to access and clear Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave

Totk Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave Enemies On Deck Of Ship
Totk Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave Enemies On Deck Of Ship

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When you play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find Hyrule has more caves than ever before. Many of them are relatively easy to find, but some caves are easy to miss and difficult to clear. Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave, which requires a trick to enter it, is one example. Here is our guide telling you how to access and clear Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – how to access and clear Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave

Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave has some excellent loot and the usual Bubbulfrog, so you’ll want to find it and clear it for those rewards. However, it’s not conveniently located and you have to know what you’re doing to get inside. To access and clear Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave, descend from the overhead cliff and then whistle while standing on some floating boards.

Totk Cape Cales Cliff Base Cave Location Map

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Cape Wedges itself is near the southeastern corner of Hyrule, north of Cape Cresia and northeast from Lurelin Village. If you have activated Bamitok Shrinewhich lies beneath Mount Dunsel, you can fast travel to that location and return to the surface. Then travel east, steering clear of the monster encampment, to reach the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave rests at the base of that cliff, as its name suggests. See the above map screenshot. It shows the cave’s entrance, to the east of Link’s current location within the cave. To reach the cave’s entrance from the overhead cliff, just drop off the north side and float down to its base. I did this and then glided inside the fairly wide opening to land on a floating plank without even touching the water.

Totk Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave Plank Ahead Of Gate

Screenshot by PC Invasion

While standing on the plank and facing a rock wall, press the Down button on the d-pad to whistle for your horse. Whistling reveals that the rock wall was actually a gate. It opens to grant access to Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave. Swim inside and find a shoreline to the left. Defeat the enemy there and look for another plank floating in the water. In theory, you could attach a Fan to ride it forward, toward the waiting ship. However, it’s a short enough distance that I simply swam.

Climb aboard the ship and defeat the enemies you find there. They are bony spells and shouldn’t give you much trouble. I do recommend wearing the Rubber Armor if you have it. One of them fires electrical arrows, if given the chance. Once you defeat the enemies, climb one of the masts to find a treasure chest that contains the Savage Lynel Bow. It’s one of the best bows in the game.

Totk Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave Savage Lynel Bow In Treasure Chest

Screenshot by PC Invasion

After you clear the ship, look around. You should see another branch of the cave that leads to a watery dead end. Head there and stand on the floating plank, then fire an arrow to kill the Bubbulfrog and collect the Bubbul Gem. That’s really all it takes to clear the Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for purchase from the Nintendo Store.

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