How to access The Unparalleled Spear in Wo Long

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty presents players with a host of required missions, and nearly twice as many optional side missions. The latter are known as ‘sub battlefields,’ and they offer the chance to run through smaller chunks of stages you’ve already visited, or to duel with powerful opponents. One such sub battlefield is ‘The Unparalleled Spear,’ but finding it can be tricky. Here is our guide on how to access ‘The Unparalleled Spear’ in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long – How to access The Unparalleled Spear

Although most sub battlefields become available immediately after you clear a particular main battlefield while progressing naturally through the campaign, there are a few exceptions. ‘The Unparalleled Spear’ is one such exception.

To access ‘The Unparalleled Spear’ in Wo Long: Fallen Dynastyyou must first clear’Zhao Yun’s Exile.’ It is a sub battlefield you access in Part 4 of the campaign.

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The ‘Zhao Yun’s Exile’ sub battlefield pits you against a series of three enemy mobs. While fighting the first two, tend to the warlocks first. Otherwise, they’ll pelt you with distracting elemental magic from a distance. The third big fight consists first of two big tigers, then a dragon that attacks with electrical blasts. You have Zhao Yun by your side, so the battle shouldn’t be too bad as long as you focus.

To clear ‘The Unparalleled Spear,’ you must defeat Zhao Yun in hand-to-hand combat. He is a fearsome opponent who attacks with fire and rock. You should have little difficulty deflecting most of his attacks, and even faster regular attacks damage his life meter just fine. Once you defeat your rival, you gain access to the Protection of the Divine Beast Qilin as your handsome reward.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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